Mostly my zines are for mailing to friends.

You are welcome and encouraged to physically reproduce and distribute my zines, including as part of commercial endeavours. For the most part they should be easily photocopiable.

Please1 do not digitally reproduce or distribute my zines (beyond, like, a picture of the front cover kinda deal).


The basic fold is simple.

It turns a sheet of paper into a loop, which can then be convinced to zigzag into something like a codex.

More interesting is the micro mini zine fold, so named because it turns out really small on a letter sized sheet of paper… but if you use an 11” by 17” sheet, it’s just as big as the normal basic fold, but you have way more pages to work with!

my zines

haha wow this is a thing that you are reading

aforementioned zine in front of black ceramic skull.

bones rated

aforementioned zine in front of plant, behind vertebra hung on chain.


aforementioned zine in front of electronic thing, printed in black on fluorescent orange paper.
This zine contains images of foxes based on photographs taken by Amanda Porter.

volunteer park ducks

aforementioned zine cover with illustration of duck and fencing
Context on the fencing. The Volunteer Park Trust is on the right side of this. Seattle Times coverage here.


aforementioned zine cover with illustration of Windows XP era desktop

  1. By “please” here what I really mean is “By the obscene power intellectual property law affords me as a creator, I forbid ye” but tbh I am hoping you will understand that this is just to keep the magic in the thing, you know?